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Download World After War Mod Apk + Free PC Windows, Mac, Android

World After War Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – You play as Jack, a young nerd and a virgin, who wakes up on a military base.

Developer: Crazy Forge Studio Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Sci-fi, Masturbation, Milf

Description Game

You play as Jack, a young nerdy and a virgin, who wake up at the military base on the mountain, in the NRF (nuclear refugee facilities) place for VIPs and the Government, the Great War that has destroyed the whole world, now you are a group leader, You and 5 other beautiful women, you need to keep the place so that it comes out in the world to find resources, keeping the base with a good supply of water, food, and electricity, increase your base to make your roommate happy, repair / wake up a robot for Gather resources, study, and find new repairs and technology and stay in this apocalyptic world!

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download World After War
Download World After War
Download World After War

New Content:

– New futa on male option when you invite Ai and Ashley to watch a movie with you.
– Small progress on the “Special Care” quest. [FUTA ON MALE]
– Visit Angelica at the Gym.
– Visit Angelica at the Living Room.

Minor changes:

– Small progress on the language system.

New Content:

– Small progress on the “The Price of Freedom” quest.
Minor changes:
– You can now manage the equipment of the squad members.

New Content:
-02 options to pay Taxes with Tony after advancing in the quest “Who’s The Boss” quest.
-Small progress on “I’ll do it myself” quest.
-New option when you invite Ai and Ashley to watch a movie with you.

Minor changes:
-Fixed an issue when the player could progress on The Dead World quest before talking to Tyrese about Megan and Sarah.

New Content:

-Small progress on the “The Price of Freedom” quest.
-Sleep again with Mary in Houston.
-A new action with Mary in Houston during the day.
-Watching a movie with Sakura and Mary repeated and with a new ending option.
-Watch a movie with Megan and Sarah.
-Visit Megan and Sarah at the pool.

New Content:

-Conclusion of: “Mr. Blue Eyes” quest.
-Conclusion of: “Katana” quest.
-Progress on the “The Price of Freedom” quest.

New Content:

– The Cat pill becomes available to give to Ai.
– Small progress on the “Good Girls” quest.
– New futa on male option when you invite Ai and Ashley to watch a movie with you.

Minor changes:
-Fix, canceling the Anal option during the movie with Ai and Ashley now returns you to the beginning of the options correctly.

v 0.71
New Content:
– Small progress on “Saving a Ghost Reaper” quest.
– Small progress on “Who’s The Boss” quest.
– New movie option to watch with Angelica: Drama.

v 0.70
New Content:
– Small progress on “I’ll do it myself” quest.

Minor changes:
-The game now automatically saves to the Autosave file and no longer to the last game saved by the player.
-Coal Generator available for research and build, produces 50 energy day and consumes 5 coal ore.
-Added a big warning on the 2nd and 3rd when the player opens the world map to point out the help menu.
-Small increase in coal found in mines.
-Added chance to find coal in Steelworks.

New Content:
– Conclusion of “The Dead World” quest.

New Content:
– Progress on “The Dead World” quest
– Small progress on “Mr. Blue Eyes” quest.

New Content:

– Start of the quest: My Bro. [NTR/Avoidable]
– Start of the quest: Good Girls. [NTR – Futa on Female]
– Start of the quest: Pain and Pleasure. [Futa on Male]

Minor changes:
-Fixed an issue that could make it impossible for squad members to attack during combat.
-Fixed an issue that could occur in some missions if one of the girls is assigned in the squad.

v0.66 Public
New Content:
-The start of 2 new quests with Sakura.
Minor changes:
-Minor UI changes in the resource transfer part.

– Small progress on “The lawyer” quest.
– Small progress on “Who’s the boss” quest.
– 08 new pictures in the Gallery with the big tits content.
– 02 new pictures in the Gallery with the male centaur content.

New Content:

-Progress on “The Dead World” quest.
-One new option with Samantha Cat.
-07 new pictures in the Gallery.

New Content:

-Small progress on “The Dead World” quest.
-New quest “Crystanium Plates”.

Minor changes:
-Fixed an issue with the requirement to start the quest “The Allure of the Pussy”.
-Fixed an issue that entering the room before going to “Santa Rosa, New Mexico” in the search “The Dead World” would skip this whole scene.
-Fixed an issue with the saving of some quest information with one of the girls being in the squad.
-Using Glock and hunting knives in combat now has sound effects.
-Ui in combat shows how much AP the primary and secondary weapon requires.
-Mc now starts the combat with the correct amount of Action Points regardless of name and recovers AP on each player turn.
-8 pictures of Samantha talking in the bedroom were redone.
-Solar panels are upgradable to level 8.

New content:
– Visit Sakura in the pool
– Watch a movie with Sakura.
– Conclusion of: “Rude Girl” quest. [Futa on Male path]
– 07 New pictures of “Futa” in the gallery.
– 01 New pictures of Mary in the gallery.

Minor changes:
-The help menu has been updated. Go to the world map and click on the ‘?’ to access it.

v 0.61
New content:

-Conclusion of: “Houston Desalination Plant” Quest.
-Conclusion of: “Houston Greenhouse” Quest.
-Conclusion of: “Rude Girl” quest. [Futa on female path]
-Progress on the “The Dead World” quest.
-Progress on the “Mr. Blue Eyes” quest.
-Progress on the “The Price of Freedom” quest.

v0.60 Public
New Content:

-Small progress in the quest: The Dead World.
-Small progress in the quest: Mr. Blue Eyes.
-Small progress in the quest: Who’s The Boss.
-The UI part with information about current quests improved.

New Content
– A new quest: The Allure of the Pussy.
– A new futa scene with Suzy in the bedroom.

New Content:
– Invite Angelica or Alexis to watch a movie in the evening. [There is no boring movie option yet]
– Visit Angelica or Alexis at the pool.
– Progress in the quest: Saving a Ghost Reaper.

New content:
-Small progress on the quest: The Price of Freedom.
-Start of the quest: Who’s The Boss. [If you do not pay the taxes to Tony].
-Start of the quest: Mr. Blue eyes.

Minor changes:
-Ui correctly shows the amount of taxes payable to Tony if you have fewer resources than taxes.

How To Install Game World After War

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

This game needs to be on a hard drive location that does not need admin authorization to be able to read or save files and will not work right if the game folder is on the “Desktop” or inside the “Users” folder for example.

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