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Download Corrupted Kingdoms Mod Apk + Free PC Windows, Mac, Android

Corrupted Kingdoms Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – Use your newfound power to bring the world under your control?​

Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Android, Mac
Language: English
GenreAdult, 3dcg, adventure, ahegao, animated, corruption, fantasy, male protagonist, masturbation, mind control, mobile game, monster, monster girl, pregnancy, rape, rpg, spanking, handjob, oral sex, vaginal sex

Description Game

in Corrupted Kingdoms, You are a hero – or maybe criminals – from this story, initially on the way to find out why your family is expelled from your home city, but quickly pushes into various events you have imagined. When tension rises between humans and mythical creatures lurking right outside the vision, will you stand as a flare hope … or use your new power to bring the world under your control?

Screenshots and Gameplay

Madison: New Love Event!
Madison: Madison can now reach Love level 4!
Madison: Madison can now become pregnant!
Veronica: New Love Event!
Veronica: Veronica can now reach Love level 4!
Veronica: Veronica can now become pregnant!
Cheat: The Gallery cheat has been updated to include Lucille’s second scene
Misc: Tidied up a bunch of older renders and animations
Bug: Jessica can no longer be summoned to the dungeon while heavily pregnant. Disciplining the kid rather early, dontcha think?
Bug: Jessica will no longer make you breakfast whilst heavily pregnant. Give the poor woman a break!
Bug: Couple of minor typos

Madison & Veronica: New story event!
Jessica: Jessica can now be impregnated during her “Let’s be Naughty” scenes
Alice: New Event – Ice Cream Eating Contest with Pixie! (Friday Afternoons in the Kitchen)
Pixie: Lil’ Pixie can now join you on your morning bike ride!
Emma: You can now go on a park date with Emma!
Misc: Reworked some of the code in the Act One finale to hopefully remove some out-of-place flickering screens
Bug: SKIP BUG HAS BEEN FIXED! Huge thanks to CursedFlame91 for the solution and thoroughly testing it!
Bug: Jessica’s 4th heart wasn’t updating after the ORG event. It is now!
Bug: Jessica’s bathroom event will no longer activate while she’s pregnant
Bug: You can no longer invite Jessica to the club when she’s pregnant (it’s bad for babies!)
Bug: The default image for the club now shows up correctly (you shouldn’t spend all day looking at your phone!)
Bug: Tiny typo fixes

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The main story: new main story shows! (Follow your organization!)
Renee & Julie: You can now choose to have a naughty time separately with Renee or Julie (or both!) If they both move to Manor
Kana: You can now replay Kana’s naughty pregnancy scene from the gallery (found in “extra” on the main screen)
Lily: You can now replay Lily’s naughty pregnancy scene from the gallery (found in “extra” on the Home screen)
Cheats: Gallery Open Key Cheat on a Manor laptop has been updated to enter a pregnancy gallery scene
Bug: fix many images missing / wrong / irregular. Is that the last one? Probably not! Thank you very much for cursedflame91 to keep track of everything!
Bug: fix the line “that’s all I want to know” play twice when asking about a woman’s woman
Bug: Restore some lost lily dialogue. Who took it, and where did it go? I don’t know, but now back
Bug: Typo Fixes
The problem is known: there is a problem with the current version of Ren’Py which causes a bug game if you hold the password when moving to and from a specific map / navigation screen. Pytom realized this problem and seemed to be repaired in the current night building. As soon as the Build has a stable release, I will recompile and upload this update. Hopefully it will be ready before Wednesday!

How To Install Game Corrupted Kingdoms

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game
Extract the files into “game” sub-folder of the game.

Corrupted Kingdoms Free Download


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