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Modern Luxury [v0.3.2.0 EA]

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Modern Luxury Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – Servant droids have taken all manual labor jobs that nobody wanted to take.

Developer: CherryPie Patreon
Censored: No
Version: EA
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 3D game, Female Protagonist, Teasing, Sci-fi, Handjob, Blowjob, Masturbation, Vaginal Sex, Groping, Spanking, Anal sex, Group sex

Description Game

Servant droids have taken all manual labor jobs that nobody wanted to take.
Majority of the people took droids to their homes with open arms, some did not.
Reports of droids not obeying orders started after lux headquarters were attacked.
All the droids were disconnected from the network after the attack​

Developer Notes:

Do not collect the money Kent ask as there’s no end to that yet. You get more unusual event to get the units faster than through grinding.
There’s currently no ending to photoshoot route. That is just because I didn’t have enough time to make it so since I upload an update once a month. Worry not, you will not lose your progress and you can start with that load file in the next update.

Screenshots and Gameplay

Modern Luxury Download
Modern Luxury Download
Modern Luxury Download
Modern Luxury Download

v0.3.2.0 EA

-New: Walk animation cycle for Emelie
-New: Main menu background lighting, just for fun
-Added: Chapter 2, 4th day events finished
-Added: Chapter 2, 5th day morning event
-Added: Facial cum mesh to new gloryhole scene
-Added: Using shower will clean off cum
-Added: Some characters will notice that you have something on your face
-Added: A red button to skip serving drinks at the bar
-Added: Setting for Framerate limiter
-Scene: The second visit to the GH.
-Scene: Masturbating in the shower
-Fixed: Shiny skin material issues
-Fixed: Some misspellings here and there


-New: Better visuals for Emelie’s anus
-New: Visual cum on face added to one scene
-Added: Chapter 2, The Second day events
-Added: Chapter 2, The third day events
-Scene: Search the shower floor
-Scene: The first time at gloryhole

-Fixed: Skip the good morning text


-Added: Chapter 2, The First day events
-Added: Chapter 2, The Second day morning

-Scene: Webcam, Dancing
-Scene: Webcam, Josh sees Emelie at computer
-Scene: Chapter 2, Learn bartending

-Fixed: Shorter trace length for both 3rd and 1st person view interactions
-Fixed: Spamming computer will cause series of issues
-Fixed: Emojis now showing up in chat
-Fixed: Drink making computer not closing
-Fixed: Josh asks for sex before the second shower grinding scene


-New: Computer events
-Added: Settings for Lumen reflections (Lumen reflections only work with Lumen GI On)
-Added: Credits have been extended
-Scene: Shocked reaction at computer
-Scene: Masturbate at computer
-Scene: Create an account to webcam site
-Scene: Webcam, Tease viewers
-Scene: Webcam, Show you butt
-Fixed: Boxes having no collision
-Fixed: Pressing ESC or END at settings menu
-Fixed: Teleport long distance to sit at couch


-New: Emelie’s make-up updated
-New: Emelie’s body textures updated to some parts
-New: Emelie’s face model updated
-New: Emelie’s eye colors changed to blue
-New: Emelie’s eyebrows texture updated
-New: Chapter two, The first day
-New: Main menu background

-Scene: Chapter two wake up scene
-Scene: Josh & Emelie shower grinding
-Scene: Josh & Emelie shower grinding 2

-Added: Longer dialogue with Ethan
-Added: More dialogue with Dan
-Added: Time of day to task selection menus

-Fixed: Hair base layer removed and replaced with painted texture
-Fixed: Multiple event issues
-Fixed: Josh day start cutscene camera location and focus
-Fixed: Emelie Robe material
-Fixed: Camera position after customer scenes
-Fixed: Shop units and corruption wrong values
-Fixed: Mixer computer invisible from behind
-Fixed: Emelie keeps walking when entering customization
-Fixed: Dan’s couch collision
-Fixed: Minor adjustments to passed out HJ

-Removed: Fly by spaceships

How To Install Game Modern Luxury

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Modern Luxury Free Download



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