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Download Degrees of Lewdity Mod Apk + Free PC Windows, Mac, Android

Degrees of Lewdity Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – ou play as a young student living at an orphanage.

Developer: Vrelnir SubscribeStar
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 2DCG, Text based, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Character creation, Bestiality, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Oral sex, Rape, Prostitution, School setting, Animated, Tentacles, Combat, Futa/trans, Gay, Internal view, Interracial, Lesbian, Mobile game, Simulator, Transformation, Turn based combat, Vore, Sandbox, Monster girl, Titfuck, Creampie

Description Game

You play as a young student living at an orphanage. You must make some quick cash to keep living at the orphanage or bad things happen. *Most fetishes are optional.​

Screenshots and Gameplay


  • Fixed saves being incompatible with previous versions. Thanks to Trinidad and majou.
  • Fixed an error found when trying on clothes at a shop. Thanks to Trinidad.
  • Fixed a bug that made Leighton leer at Mason all the time. Thanks to hwp.
  • Fixed a but that prevented combat being cleaned up properly after the Whitney footjob scene. Thanks to hwp.
  • Fixed a combat error related to the “kissing a dick” action. Thanks to hwp.
  • Fixed a bug where Leighton would ALWAYS leer at Mason (aka it would take the “Leighton is attracted to Mason” option every time, which just sounds correct to me, but hey I fix bugs)
  • Fixed a bug where end of combat cleanup wasn’t being run in the new Whitney footjob scene
  • Fixed a combat error relating to the “kissing a dick” action
  • Fixed an issue where an ear slime could force you to pick up an non-existent sextoy. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Replaced the functions from Furniture objects with normal variables. To be used in a function thats part of Furniture when required. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Fixed a bug where the bowl in the fluid-collecting masturbation minigame could be filled already by the time the player got there. Thanks to hwp.
  • Thanks to Kirsty and hwp for typo fixes.

  • Added a chikan bus scene. Thanks to Akoz.
  • Added the option to repair broken outfits you are wearing at the tailor shop. Thanks to Golden Skullky.
  • Added the option to run to the tailor’s instead of the clothing shop when items are broken. Thanks to Golden Skullky.
  • Added the ability to repair these items when dealing with exposure. Thanks to Golden Skullky.
  • Added the “unstealthy” trait to certain clothing items. Thanks to TreeFrogSoup.
  • Dance audiences will comment on players wearing collars, vaginal wetness and players wearing butt plugs. Thanks to TreeFrogSoup.
  • Robin now reacts if you show up in the more lewder swimwear setups while dating them. Thanks to TreeFrogSoup.
  • Adjusted scenes to prevent the player from being forced to wear constricting clothing while pregnant. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • When streaking in the park, Kylar will now give you clothes based on what they’re currently wearing, rather than always giving you a sweater and jeans. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Improved the journal UI. Thanks to KinkyOne.
  • Added condom vending machines to the school toilets.
  • Added an event to the forest. Written by anonymous.
  • Robin now tattles with names when rescuing the PC in history class. Thanks to TreeFrogSoup.
  • Adjusted pill description text. Thanks to PyramidCat.
  • If PC discovers their pregnancy when taking the morning after pill, Dr. Harper tells them in red text. Thanks to Trinidad.
  • The PC can now set up a vending machine at the brothel, giving a weekly income, once they complete a quest. Thanks to Trinidad.
  • Added a new UI for changing your hairstyle. Thanks to Kirsty, with help from Lollipop Scythe with pagination, filters, and code improvements.
  • Thanks to Akoz for formatting improvements during the office meeting scene.
  • Thanks to majou for greatly reducing save file size, and improving performance.
  • Added new icons for the shopping mall ladder and the English, Maths, and Science projects; updated main hall, alleyway, and coastal path icons. Art courtesy of Kirsty.
  • Added icons for Alex’s cottage and Robin’s lemonade stand. Art courtesy of esiho. Coded by Kirsty.
  • Added icons for basking, changing rooms, clearing the yard, the compound, the oak on Danube Street, fences, hitchhiking, investigating, the orphanage loft, beach party, and volleyball. Art courtesy of esiho, with adjustments by Kirsty and Cutiland.
  • Adjusted the wardrobe and clothing shop UIs. Thanks to xnzda.
  • Gave the journal a facelift. Thanks to xnzda.
  • Thanks to Golden Skullky, TreeFrogSoup, Crimson Tide, Lollipop Scythe, TreeFrogSoup, Cutiland, anonymous, preeded, majou, and Jimmy for code improvements.

  • Added human and wolf pregnancy. Huge thanks to Lollipop Scythe for coding the framework, and to PurityGuy for further work. Wolf pregnancy and cave scenes written by Burnt Toast.
  • Added the housekeeping skill.
  • The “Maid” clothing trait now boosts the housekeeping skill.
  • Added the flats area to Barb Street.
  • Added the mayor’s office to Cliff Street.
  • Added a new school project; a stage play. Always starts in November. Written by Burnt Toast, with additions by Kami, Conhue, and PurityGuy. Coded by PurityGuy.
  • Added the ability to dye your hair with two tones, in four different styles. Thanks to KiraaCorsac.
  • Added yoga lessons to the dance studio on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Written by Kinky_One, with pregnancy variant scenes written by Kirsty. Coded by Cutiland.
  • Added a button to immediately export on non-mobile browsers.
  • Added carnations, which the PC can grow with tending. Icon courtesy of Kirsty.
  • Added save compression using a custom algorithm, reducing save file size. Thanks to aimozg.
  • Cum, slime, and nectar will now display on the sidebar sprite when covering the face, neck, chest, arms, tummy, thighs. Art courtesy of Anon5261, and coded by Höst.
  • Added an event to the coastal seas.
  • Added new pig and boar combat sprites. Art courtesy of anon and sseshess. Coded by Jimmy.
  • Improved NPC penis encounter sprites, giving them heads, and adding variants for darker skin tones. Also added darker skin tone variants for double penetration close-ups and x-rays, accounting for when the two npcs have different skin colors. Art courtesy of Kodi, and coded by braymann.
  • Added a hypnosis toggle to Settings.
  • Added the bunny headband, ribbon stockings, lace nightgown, and pencil skirt to the clothing shop. Art courtesy of Beta.
  • Added the daisy headwear to the forest shop, unlocked by finding daisy seeds. Art courtesy of Beta.
  • Added the “double twintails” and “Side thicktail” sides hairstyles, and the “framed”, “blunt sidelocks” and “ruffled” fringe hairstyles. Art courtesy of Beta.
  • Added a second tier to the fallen angel transformation, attained by maintaining 90%+ purity for 30 days, gaining new wings and preventing the demon transformation. The PC hits max stress at 0 purity instead. Thanks to Charlie Studio.
  • Added a new random watersports street encounter where someone offers money to watch you pee. Written by Kinky_One, and coded by Charlie Studio.
  • Added a minor scene to the cafe waiter job. Written by Meat Glacier and coded by Charlie Studio.
  • Dogs and wolves can now orally knot the PC. Written by Meat Glacier and coded by braymann.
  • Adds a scene for the player walking in on Robin bathing, as well as Robin walking in on the player bathing. Written by Robin’s Exclusive, with adjustments and coding by Crimson Tide.
  • Adjusted talk of Robin’s trauma to specify if you’re talking about something recent or something that happened a while ago. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Added unique confront lines for the Ivory Wraith in stalking encounters. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Added unique text for the Moan action when the PC is stuck in a gloryhole. Thanks to larsrand.
  • Added variety to English class. Thanks to bsin.
  • Added a watersports scene to Alex’s farm. Written by Yesenn, and coded by anonymous.
  • Added a toggle to enable/disable ruffleable hair.
  • Added blackberries.
  • Added a preview mannequin to the hairdresser. Thanks to Ybyx.
  • Added eyebrows to the hairdresser. Thanks to Ybyx.
  • Added a couple of events to English class. Thanks to bsin.
  • Added cheats for manipulating the PC’s pregnancy cycle. Thanks to Trinidad.
  • Thanks to Trinidad for other pregnancy improvements.
  • Added the option to streak from the park toilets during the day. Requires level 5 exhibitionism. Written by Zortinga, and coded by xao.
  • Added sorting and an outfit filter to the clothing shop. Thanks to definitely_not_a_cop.
  • Adds unique lines for NPCs examining certain items at the market. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Added cheats to impregnate the PC. Thanks to Trinidad.
  • Added esoteric spectacles to the forest shop.
  • Added the option to attempt to rescue NPCs locked in the pillory. Thanks to bsin.
  • Added the option to restore the clothes of NPCs locked in the pillory. Thanks to bsin.
  • Added two events to the school hallways. Thanks to bsin.
  • Added an event to the market. Thanks to bsin.
  • Added a Whitney event. Written by Poob, coded by Lollipop Scythe, with proofreading help from Kirsty.
  • Added lines for Harper taking the player’s virginities. Written by Meat Glacier and coded by PurityGuy.
  • Added a new orphanage front door icon. Thanks to Conhue.
  • Added icons for the forest road. Art courtesy of Uchiki and Conhue.
  • Added an icon for the town hall. Art courtesy of Conhue.
  • The state of the most recent save is now highlighted in green. Thanks to majou.
  • The winter jacket can now be recoloured. Thanks to MinerDX and anonymous.
  • Added belly dancer shoes to the forest shop. Thanks to MinerDX and anonymous.
  • Thanks to Mona for breast feeding, cuddling, talking, and playing baby scenes.
  • Thanks to Kami for bathing baby scenes.
  • Added more hitchhiking events to the road outside town. Written by Mona, and coded by xao.
  • Added morning after pill scenes. Thanks to Trinidad.
  • Added several follow-up challenges to the Danube Street Exhibitionist scene. Coded by
  • Added a few tips. Thanks to Ybyx.
  • Added sidecut sides/fringe and drill ringlets sides/fringe hairstyles. Art courtesy of Mochi, and coded by Crimson Tide.
  • Added space buns sides hairstyle, front braids fringe hairstyle, and fluffy ponytail sides hairstyle. Art courtesy of 3hp, and coded by Crimson Tide.
  • Added the “Majordomo”, “Down Below”, “Bridging the Past”, “Safe Trail”, “Field Work”, “Concrete Woodland”, “School Green”, “Hookah Master”, “Sins of the Past”, “Panic Room”, and “Lurker Beyond” feats.
  • Added combat images for the shibari ropes clothing item. Art courtesy of 3hp, and coded by Crimson Tide.
  • Thanks to Lollipop Scythe, anon, TonyFox, ParAsite, hwp, Burnt Toast, braymann, shikiyoku, Crimson Tide, Ybyx, Golden Skullky, Trinidad, KiraaCorsac, majou, and PurityGuy for code improvements.
  • Thanks to PurityGuy, Golden Skullky, aimozg, anonymous, hwp, bsin, and Lollipop Scythe for performance improvements.
  • Thanks to ParAsite for writing ultrasound scenes.
  • Thanks to xao for overhauling time.

How To Install Game Degrees of Lewdity

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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