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Harem in Another World [v0.65]


Download Harem in Another World Mod Apk + Free PC Windows, Mac, Android

Harem in Another World Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – you play as your normal everyday pervert who is suddenly transported to another world.

Developer: Jong Games Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.65
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 2d game, 2dcg, Adventure, Animated, Combat, Creampie, Fantasy, Humour, Oral sex, RPG, Tentacles,Big tits, Big ass, Short stack, Monster girl, Mobile game,Goblin girls, Vaginal Sex,Virgin,Milf,Masturbation,Ahego,Muscle Girl,Maid

Description Game

In Harem in Another World, you play as your normal everyday pervert who is suddenly transported to another world. Explore this open and mysterious world through different lands, navigating monsters and treacherous terrain to try and find your friends. Meet and seduce all manner of people and characters, from ghosts, to goblins, to giants and more. Unlock unique outfits for girls as you quest and battle your way through the lands and build up your fortune with a selection of fun minigames.

Will you focus on saving this world from a lurking evil, or perhaps just build up your castle and fill it with girls to create the ultimate harem? Either way, your life seems like it will never be the same.

Harem in Another World features unique hand drawn art and high quality animated scenes throughout with more added every update!

HIAW is light hearted adventure game with a focus on quests and exploring. Its an early build so please save often to avoid losing progress and report any bugs that you might find.

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download Harem in Another World 
Download Harem in Another World 
Download Harem in Another World 


  • 1 New scene, Sasha in intro. The introduction scene with Sasha and the king has been re-written and has new art to go along with it. The old version is still available in the recollection room.
  • Implemented Autosave system, the game will autosave at regular points, a small pink heart will appear at the bottom right when autosaving, autosaves are stored in save slot 20
  • Fix Acheviements not working on Steam. If you have missed them there is a fix in the fairies office in the recollection room
  • Fix Brazila image not loading on Android
  • Updated hint system so it’s clearer it gives resource hints as well
  • Adjusted crowd sound whilst entering buildings in Rome
  • Fix walking under roof Roma
  • Fix collision problem in assassin house
  • Fix random crash when using certain graphics cards
  • Fix being able to clip through the teleporter in Haleden
  • Changed secret stash hint to sun rise not sun set, I got east and west mixed up…


  • 4 new scenes, 3 new animations
  • Main story quest Progression
  • New town available to visit Haleden
  • 3 new Relationship quests
  • 1 new side quest
  • 23 new maps
  • 2 new enemy varieties
  • New weapon and New ring available
  • Recollection room expanded with fairy office where you can access cheats and other bits
  • New Relationship tracker with character profiles for girls which you can view in the recollection room
  • Missed scene unlock/replay feature added in recollection room
  • Upgraded engine framework, This will provide improved stability and framerate. Especially on Steam deck consoles.
  • Adventures guild and combat updated. The adventures guild becomes available after saving the girl from the graveyard. You can then access the guild in the farmlands outside Roma. The girl you save has had her named changed to Annie.
  • When you kill enemies they will now drop Monster hunter points which you can trade in at the adventures guild for house decorations
  • 9 new decorations available through the guilds
  • You can also purchase a hint for the secret stash location through the guild
  • New Title Screen
  • New logo intro
  • Location name will now pop up on screen the first time you visit a major town
  • Girls pictures appear when speaking to them in castle
  • New wood,stone and iron collecting, you now collect materials from unique rocks and logs. Purchase a pickaxe and woodcutting axe from the item shop
  • New sprite for Madeline
  • New faceplate for Madeline
  • New unique dialogue when talking to Lorel with Horsec*ck
  • Added option to skip tentacle scene
  • New submerged logs and rocks sprites
  • Fixed flicker in the end of some scenes
  • Fixed bug where crowd noises continued playing after winning first place in race
  • Fixed potion shop puzzle not accepting some solutions
  • Fixed leaving bank safe being difficult
  • Fixed collision error in goblin village
  • fixed Sasha bath scene being available from start
  • fixed incorrect hint about wood in goblin village
  • removed “big chungus” line, it was funny when I put it in two years ago I swear!


  • 5 new scenes, 2 animated.
  • New city Akaba, north of the nomad camp. 30 new maps in total
  • Main quest continuation
  • 6 new side quests
  • Continuation of Sashas relationship quest
  • Added repeatable scenes for girls in house
  • 1 new house upgrades for purchase
  • 2 new house upgrades through quests
  • Fortune teller/Hint system, now has a resource finder system added
  • Added intro credits
  • New Mini game Horse racing
  • New boss battle system
  • New weapons and armour added to Akaba shop
  • New Faceplate/emotions for Lorel
  • Fixed scorpions attacking on different elevations
  • Reduced enemy numbers and speed
  • Removed game over from intro
  • Added load option to in game menu
  • Added Patreon credits, tablet near throne in castle
  • Implemented directional lighting
  • Updated main girls with sexier sprites
  • Added cheat mode option in gallery, interact with crystal at the bottom
  • Teleporters are now greyed out until you activate them
  • Removed area of water in desert as it can be confused with oasis
  • Enemies have unique sound effects and animations in combat
  • Fishing minigame improvements;

Fish now have a unique sprite art, fish move smoothly instead of one space at a time, Fish can longer go into the large rocks, Boat upgrade available to allow sailing over small rocks, New faster moving fish that’s worth more, Boat upgrade to allow capturing of new fish, No longer have to action to capture, just sail over


  • Quests now have multiple objectives so will update with next step as you progress
  • All Enemies have new sprites
  • Added and improved sex sound effects to scenes
  • new in game sprite for skeletons
  • Gants scroll quest now clearer
  • Border pass location now clearer and easier to pick up
  • Cactus for quest now has unique flower/colours to stand out more
  • Fixed bug where you could talk to the Baron in the wrong place
  • Fixed bug where you save ruth before talking to kali
  • Fixed elsy having wrong sprite in gallery
  • Fixed elsy having wrong face in blowjob scene
  • Fixed bug where end of game getting stuck in black screen
  • Intro option that gives scene coloured pink so people don’t miss it
  • Reduced file size from 800mb to 600mb
  • Temple now reminds you that there are skeletons in the graveyard
  • Various other minor changes


If you are playing an existing save you can start the new content by talking to the girls in your castle and exploring behind the boulder in the forest. No new main story quest this update, the focus this time was on relationship quests and the Goblin village

Full Changelog:

  • 4 new scenes, 2 animated
  • 2 new house upgrades available
  • 4 new relationship quests
  • Goblin village available- access through the boulder in the forest
  • 3 new side quests> available in the goblin village
  • Relationship quests available- each girl will have their own relationship quests to complete.
  • Fortune teller/Hint system, there is now a shop in Roma which you can talk to a fortune teller to gain hints about quests
  • Expanded intro scene
  • New Faceplate expressions added for Elsy
  • New sound effects for menus
  • Removed sound effect from walking between areas, decided it wasn’t necessary
  • Potion carry limit decreased to 10. This is to encourage players to upgrade equipment rather than just buying 99 health potions. If you are carrying more than 10 health potions the extra ones are converted to gold.
  • Fishing minigame made easier for andriod
  • killing gant in the arena now gives 300g
  • Many scenes expanded
  • Entire game edited for spelling and grammar
  • Sasha scene from intro is now available in gallery even if missed
  • Skeletons now despawn when defeated in temple
  • Rats can no longer crit
  • First quests renamed
  • change bank quest requirements to 5000 gold, reduced reward by 500
  • Potions added to desert shop
  • Tavern minigame earning increased
  • Tripled amount earned by defeating enemies
  • New model for Elsy
  • Added face plate for Orla
  • Temple animation improved, now has moving flame

In this build you explore the desert on the way to Akaba and help out a camp of people you find along the way. Old saves will not work, there is a crystal on the right in the intro which you can use to skip to 0.3 content. There is also a new minigame added for bartending, currently you can choose the difficulty but i’ll probably adjust that in the future. Full changelog below.


  • Main quest continued, can now explore desert temple
  • Two new art pieces for the intro
  • New faceplate art and emotions for Ruth
  • New party member Ruth, Able to move boulders
  • New side quest, explore under house with new party member
  • Two new scenes, temple scene animation added soon
  • Updated combat-Combat now flows better, rather than clicking through it plays automatically. It also has new custom numbers and should feel more engaging.
  • Combat options-Players can now adjust the speed of combat between Default/Fast/Ultra fast to do this there is an item called “Combat options” in your inventory. If playing an old save interact with the stone sign on the right hand side of the bridge outside your castle to get this item.
  • Added combat option to auto heal. With this on your character will automatically use an available health potion when in one shot range
  • Added healing and shield effects to combat
  • Starting health increased by 20%
  • Health bar is a bit buggy when playing old saves with the new starting health but this is only cosmetic
  • Desert difficulty decreased, removed around a third of the scorpions
  • Beer game difficulty selection better built in


  • Fixed bug with banker quest
  • Fixed bug with arena entry


  • Main Quest Continued
  • 2 new animated scenes
  • Three new side quests available
  • New mini game: Bartending
  • New lighting system
  • New fog/cloud system
  • Redesigned text boxes and menus
  • Added colours to main characters names
  • Moved rat killing job in tavern to tavern in nomad camp


  • 2 new scenes 1 new animation
  • Three new side quests available
  • Castle upgrades available, progress in main story and then talk to Elsy to unlock house upgrades. You’ll unlock more options as you progress the story further
  • Gallery/Recollection room added as house upgrade(Cellar)
  • Potion price changed to 80 and equipment prices adjusted
  • Removed status and formation from menu
  • Fixed other party members being able to equip items
  • Added animation for blocking with shield to make it more obvious
  • Removed shop from tavern
  • Remove shears from inventory if maze failed
  • Updated hit rates so both you and enemies miss less
  • Fixed getting graveyard intro twice
  • Removed some unneeded image files
  • Removed initial large preload, changed into quick smaller loads
  • Decreased bank quest requirement from 10,000 to 7,000
  • Various other things


  • New art, animation and rewrite of Elsy blowjob scene
  • Fixed Ruth having wrong face if talked to twice in opening
  • Fixed not being able to complete cat quest if died in storehouse
  • Enemies can longer move whilst you are in combat
  • Fixed leftover test scene with ruth and Maximus
  • Fixed inn being free first time and dialogue repeating
  • Fixed picking up bowl before asked to
  • Other minor changes

How To Install Game Harem in Another World

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Harem in Another World Free Download


Walkthrough included inside the /www folder.


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