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Download Life in Woodchester Mod Apk + Free PC Windows, Mac, Android

Life in Woodchester Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – It’s a top quality Adult Visual Novel, Dating Sim, Adventure game…

Developer: Dirty Sock Games Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 2DCG, Male protagonist, Big tits, Big ass, MILF, Sandbox, Animated, Adventure, Voyeurism, Mobile game

Description Game

It’s a top quality Adult Visual Novel, Dating Sim, Adventure game being developed by Dirty Sock Games!

Planned Game Features
Main & Side Quests
A Popular & flexible game engine GMS2
Customize all characters Hair, Skin, Eye color using shaders.
Live2d for fluid and interactive animations
Texting Characters w/ In Game Phone
Quality Mini Games using GMS2 templates. Games like Poker, BlackJack, Arcade etc.
Inventory, Stats, Energy, Money, Dating Game Systems

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download Life in Woodchester
Download Life in Woodchester
Download Life in Woodchester

Gameplay Features

  • NEW Lily, Cass, Molly Storyline Over 25+ new scenes of storyline content!
  • Several New CGs Again, lots of animated, emotive animated CGs, as you’ve come to expect! A lot of love this time around in detailing.
  • Several New Character Poses From lifting shirts to cuddling, we’ve got new character poses!
  • NEW Purple House New Backgrounds and area.
  • NEW Translation Support You can now enjoy LIW in over 120 languages! All with the help of VN Translator. (Currently PC Only.)
  • NEW Number pad Lock Mini Game Sure to bring you fun and frustration and the feeling of being a hackerman.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Names & Relations not saving
  • Fixed working at night despite no energy left.
  • Fixed Relations sometimes not displaying correctly sometimes
  • Cass’s name sometimes not displaying correctly sometimes
  • Fixed MCs name not displaying correctly sometimes
  • And much more!

**Hotfix 8/14/2022 7:40AM

  • Rearranged all text that was spawning after pausing, causing the game to stall/freeze/pause
  • Added better debug controls anyone can access with F7 on PC/Mac
  • Fixed Janice double spawning at night


Gameplay Features

  • NEW Sandbox mode is finally here! Pose all characters with any clothing, eyes, mouth, eyebrows and exclusive naughty toys like cat tails and nipple coverings.
  • NEW Gallery mode is finally here! Currently completely unlocked, access any and all previous scenes as well as 2 teasers for upcoming scenes!
  • 3 Animated Janice Scenes previously static, now fully rigged and animated. Dialogue for those scenes has also changed slightly.
  • 2 NEW Teaser CGs in Gallery mode (exclusive for now) 1 Janice, 1 Tara CG.
  • Patreon Integration is now in place! This means more rewards for patrons and exclusive sandbox content in the future!
  • AutoSave Stop worrying about not saving your game! Our autosave system will help you save your progress automatically in 2 new autosave slots.
  • Notification System You’ll see we added notifications to the bottom right for events like saving loading etc.

Mac Store Verification

  • The mac build is now verified with apple connect which should prevent any “Damaged” or “Unable to Launch” error codes.


  • Textures force a flush when sleeping and visiting map.
  • Texture groups reorganized for less texture swaps.
  • YYC Compiler build for Mac & Android which greatly improves performance. (Will look into Windows YYC)

Quality of Life

  • Dozens of spelling fixes, name triggers and relation triggers fixed.
  • Clicking Load Game now auto jumps to load in sub menu instead of save.
  • Camera now centers over building you most recently entered.

Visual Fixes

  • Lily 13-0 was supposed to be at Cass & Molly’s house, inserted correct new BG.
  • Updated game credits.
  • A few CGs fixed to align better with game screen
  • Map particles clear on entering new room.
  • Ocean waves now showing correctly.
  • Cars now fade In & Out properly.
  • Smoke Particles on Map Depth fixed.
  • Janice Arm & Eye Tweaks.

Bug Fixes

  • Settings default button now restores settings to default values.
  • Fixed sprite names causing crashes (previous hotfixes)
  • “Auto” button functionality removed for now.
  • When changing names in phone, now populates names based on current values.

Gameplay Features

  • 21 New Janice Scenes!
  • 6 New CGs w/ Alternatives, 2 Fully Animated.
  • 4 New Janice Poses/Clothing
  • Reworked & Tweaked previous scenes.
  • Right Click to Hide Text UI (You’ll want to use this )
  • 1 New Locations (Restaurant)
  • New Rain Weather on Map (currently event trigger only)

Technical Upgrades

  • GMS2 IDE updated tonewest version.
  • GMS2 Runtime updated tonewest version.

Bug Fixes

  • Removed Dialogue Text Lines
  • Clothes in Tara event now have new sprite of actual clothes not laundry
  • Fixed a few “roommate” relation texts not replaced
  • Treehouse now properly unlocked from map as well
  • Ocean Waves now visible on map
  • Fixed Save/Load Issue that happened if scene name was uppercase.
  • Janice Dialogue Fix
  • Removed GM Live Pinging

Hotfix 10/24/21

  • Fixed several instances of misnamed assets in Tara & Lily Storyline causing crashes.

Gameplay feature.
12 New Lily Scenes!
2 New Tara Scene!
6 CGS new animation & new art poses.
BOBOBY BOOCING – Cassy Busom now contains “physics” in most new and all new scenes. System in place for other characters. Don’t hesitate to “enjoy” the show in the scene that was reworked!
Repeat & tweak the previous scene.
1 new location (tree house)
Technical increase.
GMS2 ideas are updated to the latest version.
Runtime GMS2 is updated to the latest version.
Hotfixes – 8/11/21 – 1:30 a.m.
Repairing Lily 3-0 where Snag can occur with Piggy Ride.
Tree house remains locked until the Janice event (supposedly Lily event)
Fix some “frozen” potential during Lily’s storyline
Hot Water Repair – 8/11/21 – 5:42 a.m.
Fix lily 3-0 where crash occurs (UPS)
Fix visual bugs with thin black lines in 2 cgs lily
Repair damage
The label is now wider for a longer map name
1080p forced resolution to prevent the offset of characters or strange movements.
Some tweaks for dialogue
Many, many more.

Final credit game
The right credit for each tier protector is now shown at the end of the game! Use the scroll mouse to scroll up and down (not yet supported on the cellphone).
Gameplay feature.
BOOBY BOOCING – Lily & Tara Busom now contains “physics” in most new scenes and all new. System in place for other characters. Don’t hesitate to “enjoy” the show in the scene that was reworked!
BOOBY Bounce on the Shower Scene O_O
SFX is added to the Janice BJ scene
New character Cass added!
Molly’s new character added!
6 Chapter Lily New!
18 New Tara Chapters!
The phone now shows the number of chapters & scenes what you use!
Close the order of credit games! (Mouse scroll to find your name)
4 new locations (beaches, tattoo stores, libraries, supermarkets)

How To Install Game Life in Woodchester

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Life in Woodchester Free Download




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