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Parasite Inside [v0.2.0]

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Parasite Inside Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – In this gripping Sci-Fi Horror game, our protagonist, Oni Lim, awakens aboard a colonization spaceship.

Developer: Kodman – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.0
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 3D Game, Action, Shooter, Horror, Puzzle, Female Protagonist, Monsters, Masturbation, Sci-Fi, Animated, Anal sex, Big tits, Big ass, Handjob, Vaginal sex, Rape, Voyeurism, Adventure, Sleep sex

Description Game

In this gripping Sci-Fi Horror game, our protagonist, Oni Lim, awakens aboard a colonization spaceship. However, as she awake from her slumber, she quickly realizes that all other crew members remain in cryogenic stasis, and critical ship systems are malfunctioning. Determined to uncover the source of the problem, Oni embarks on a perilous journey through the labyrinthine corridors of the ship. What she discovers amidst the flickering lights and ominous shadows is nothing short of shocking.​

Parasite Inside: Prologue is the first act of the game with 30-50 minutes of gameplay.
In the following acts of the game, enemies, NPCs, and more will be added.

Screenshots and Gameplay

Parasite Inside Download
Parasite Inside Download
Parasite Inside Download
Parasite Inside Download

Changelog v0.2.0:


  • New Workshops: Sector 7, Sector 8, Sector 9
  • New Main Laboratories: Sector 1


  • Added Brightness Settings to Video Settings
  • Added Motion Blur Settings to Video Settings
  • Added Audio Settings (Master, Music, SFX, Voice)


  • Added Infection Screen Warning
  • Added Health Screen Warning


  • Oni – Added coughing sound from infection
  • Oni – Added damage sound when receiving physical damage
  • Added sound of fuse blowing on the emergency door
  • Added music in safe rooms
  • Added new theme in Main Menu
  • Added environment event sounds

[Main Character]

  • Added fall damage system
  • Added crouching aim system
  • Added Ambient Occlusion effect to the main character’s material
  • Reworked physical model of the main character (physics of body parts, ragdoll)
  • Added health system
  • Added infection system
  • Increased stamina at all difficulty levels
  • Increased C-Scanner battery at all difficulty levels


  • Oni – Changed jump animations with and without weapon
  • Oni – Added animation of aiming while crouching
  • Oni – Improved crouching animation
  • Added 18 variants of NSFW animations


  • Added flashlight on the weapon
  • Added VFX to the hit point


  • All doors open faster
  • Added VFX to fuse damage in the emergency door


  • New NPC: Clarissa
  • New NPC: Mark
  • New NPC: Bob


  • New enemy: Sporepop
  • New enemy: Spreader
  • New enemy: Burgeon (4 variants)


  • New 6 big NSFW cutscenes
  • New 5 small cutscenes
  • Added a system of cutscenes depending on the state of the main character


  • New AstroTech Peon outfit in three variants
  • New AstroMed P2 outfit in two variants


  • Added elevators (small and big)
  • New puzzle: Repair Power Panel
  • Maps – Added green zone for Safe Rooms
  • Added 14 new collection cards
  • Added 8 new lore tablets
  • Added 9 new lore emails
  • New Main Menu screen

[Character Movement]

  • Improved jumping – Added more control over the character in the air
  • Flashlight – Extended light range of the flashlight
  • Name changed to C-Scanner
  • Added a video gallery in the main terminal
  • All the main scenes have been added to the gallery and converted into a looped version, with various camera positions and playback speed
  • Added a button to skip part of the cut scene
  • In all cutscenes, all voice acting has been replaced
  • Added mouth animation when speaking
  • Update fluid in cut scenes
  • Reworked cutscene with the dead guard
  • Improved camera focus in all cut scenes
  • Ventilation shafts – The long ventilation shafts were replaced with service rooms/corridors in which the character can run.
  • New rooms added to the Animal Stasis Labs compartment
  • Added sounds for background devices
  • The volume of sounds has been better calibrated
  • The AI voice was replaced with an actor’s voiceover for the main character
  • Brightness – Added brightness settings to the pause menu
  • Added spore effects near infected areas
  • A screen has been added to the door of the ventilation shaft for better visibility
  • Improved texture quality of the main character

– Workshops (Security Room) – Сhanged location of Vectra collection card
– Crew tier (Stasis Lab) – Сhanged location of Stellara collection card

– Added Emergency Battery Recharge for weapon. If you use up all the ammunition, 1 battery charge for the weapon will be restored (10 sec)

– Big Toy – Added wet spots to the body
– Big Toy – Added wet spots to the toy
– Big Toy – Added face animation (some emotions)
– Big Toy – Changed light position and add new light sources
– Two Brothers – The cutscene was reduced by 35% (105 sec shorter)
– Two Brothers – Added wet spots to the MC body
– Two Brothers – Changed light position
– End of Prologue – Added new effects

– Flashlight – Increased light radius of the flashlight but reduced intensity
– Flashlight – Fixed a bug when the flashlight battery was completely discharged, the bio-scanner screen continued to light up
– Player Status – Fixed a bug where the player status interface did not open when holding down [Ctrl] [Locations]
Animal Stasis Labs – Added new rooms

– Added new AstroLab Outfit

– Workshops (Security Room) – Added a hint to the door
– Added new tablets and emails with side-stories and hints
– Added map of Workshop Bay
– Added glow effect to power cables

Prologue Release

How To Install Game Parasite Inside

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Parasite Inside Free Download



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