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Rise of the White Flower [v0.11.5b]


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Rise of the White Flower Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – Follow the adventures of Catherine Belrose in a world full of magic inspired by D&D.

Developer: Necro Bunny Studios Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
GenreAdult, 2DCG, Female protagonist, Fantasy, Monster Girl, Ahegao, Futa/trans, Handjob, Lesbian, Masturbation, Oral sex, Sex toys, Vaginal sex, Anal Sex, Bdsm, Creampie, Exhibitionism, Female Domination, Male Domination, Groping, Slave, Spanking, Teasing, Transformation

Description Game

Follow the story of Catherine Belrose, a commoner who just graduated from the Magic Academy in the imperial capital. While the training had made him an elite in the Empire, studying at the school intended for nobles had left him with debt that destroyed the soul to be paid.

Knowing that the only way he can get as much cash as he needs is to join the Guild Adventurers, an organization that employs mercenaries to deal with the threat of monsters who are always there, he does that. But, someone doesn’t want to see it work, and he must work hard for everything he wants to achieve.

Catherine’s guide in this epic quest, join dozens of adequate minded adventurers and start a lot of adventures. And when you are in it, find how deep corruption runs in the heart of the Empire, find the secrets of the Valarien World and its rich history, revealing a better dark secret brought in buried in the sand of time, or pursuing romance, or pursuing romance, or pursuing romance, or Only relaxed sex, with many friends who will join Catherine on their way.

Will Catherine repay the student loan? Or will he fail and become a slave? It’s up to you!

Screenshots and Gameplay



This release adds a new scene to Yda’s romance route! Catherine’s breasts are getting more and more active, so Yda has devised new and improved ways of drinking her cow’s milk. We also expanded the three major battle scenes with a new weapon option, the symbiote Yda gives to Catherine. Using it, Catherine becomes quite competent in melee and can rip her foes apart with her bear hands.

3 New Scenes
1 New Sex Scene
15k words added.

New Sex Scenes
– Catherine and Yda (FF, Milking, Loss of Control, Tentacles, Mind Control)

New Scenes
– Added symbiote variant to duel against Alandar
– Added symbiote variant to duel against Jaata
– Added symbiote variant to duel against the Adversary


This release adds Victor’s very own route! You can now romance him or get yourself a fuck buddy! His sex scene also comes in two flavours, regular, loving sex between two consenting adults, or Catherine getting on her knees and begging to be violated by weird 24 charisma Daemon Victor. So choose your poison! We’ve also added a new scene which involves a crossover with Kalyskah, she came to Valarien to do a bit of tourism, but she’s not about to say no to killing some necromancers!

1 New Scene

1 New Sex Scene

13k words added.

New Sex Scenes

– Catherine and Victor (Vanilla, Hand-holding, MF) or (Sub/Dom, MF)

New Scenes

– An Unexpected Ally – Catherine’s journey once again proves that her quest will have monumentous consequences to the rest of the world. For reasons not yet known, the veil between worlds has weakned, allowing a certain vampire to make the trip to Valarien!

Major Bugfixes

– Fixed a bug that was causing some saves to be corrupted.
– Added the missing romance reaction passages that were missing for Marius and were preventing story progression.

This release adds Briwala’s romance route, you can finally put a ring on your favourite tiefling! (Ring may not be for the finger). We also added a new scene where Catherine receives a big reward from her troops for her latest victory.

1 New Scenes
1 New Sex Scene
15k words added.

New Sex Scenes
– Catherine and Briwala (Rough, Futanari, Edging)

New Scenes
– A Queen Rises – For her victory in the Battle of the River, Catherine is crowned as the first sovereign of Valante in the last centuries. All hail Queen Catherine Belrose, first of her name.

1 New Scenes
1 New Sex Scene
21k words added.

New Sex Scenes
– Catherine and Marius (Vanilla, Hand holding, Romance)

New Scenes
– Battle of the River (Defensive Variant)

This build adds a major story event and the first real battle that Catherine’s legion has to face. The battle has plenty of variants inside of it, and it will change depending on various decisions that you have made previously. Might take a few playthroughs until you can see all the variants.

1 New Scene
15k words added.

New Scenes
– Battle of the River (Attack Variant)


This release adds the continuation of Evelyn’s romance route, as well as continuing the story of Catherine’s adventures ahead of her legion!

2 New Scenes
1 New Sex Scene
15k words added.

New Sex Scenes

– Catherine, Evelyn and Jeanne (Dom/Sub, Futanari, Threesome)

New Scenes

– Into the Light – Catherine finds a way to leave the underground cave and get back to her legion. But it seems that a new danger awaits her there.
– A Brief Respite – One short scene for every romance route. Share a night with your significant other.

What’s new on this one? Well:

This release adds the start of Seralli’s romance route for those that find themselves still single! It also continues the story with Catherine leading her legion across the mountains and running into many dangers.

2 New Scenes

1 New Sex Scene

18k words added.

New Sex Scenes

– Catherine and Seralli (Lesbian, Hand holding, Romance)

New Scenes

– A Difficult Crossing (Taking an army past a mountain is no easy task!)

– A Strange World (An underground cave made of pure ice, I wonder what this place could be hidding?)

This build adds the long-awaited Evelyn romance route, which is also the long-awaited sub-Cath route. We also added a continuation to Catherine’s adventures with another legion scene. And speaking of legion, it got a few more reinforcements! And they came from where everyone least expected it.

2 New Scenes
1 New Sex Scene
12k words added.

New Sex Scenes
– Catherine and Evelyn (Lesbian, Bondage, Dom/Sub)

New Scenes
– Journey to the North
– Strange Alliances

New Features
– Auto Text Advance (activate in the preferences menu)

This release completes the traitor scene that was left unfinished in the last release. After that, ppend some time with Victor and get to know why he’s looking so different now. He also has some information from the future, will the identity of the villain behind everything finally be revealed!? Oh, and you can suck his cock too I guess.
1 New Scene
1 New Sex Scene
15k words added.

New Sex Scenes
– Catherine and Victor (Vanilla, Blowjob)

New Scenes
– A week with Daemon Victor

1 New Scene
18k words added.

New Scenes
– Legion Ambush

New CG’s added
– Catherine and Yda(Living Clothes, Eldritch Horror, Romantic)

This release adds the beginning of Yda’s romance route, though we were not able to get a CG for it quite on time, we apologize for that! On the other hand, we did manage to get two CG’s in for this release. Amelie’s orgy scene finally got its cg, it only cost us one Banshee, a bargain really. We also added a new scene with Sigrid, involving some hot fuck against a glass window. This release also finally kicks off Catherine’s legion adventure, make a speech, inspire the soldiers, and then come back home to your loved one, or your slave if you have no loved one, or alcohol if you have no loved one and no slave (the fuck are you doing).
1 New Scene
2 New Sex Scenes
20k words added.
New Sex Scenes
– Catherine and Yda(Living Clothes, Eldritch Horror, Romantic)
– Catherine and Sigrid(Futa, Rough)
New Scenes
– Legion Valantia, Move Out!

A new scene with Mordred that is also the start of her romance route. There has been a lot of request for a sub route for Catherine and we have aimed to deliver! Evelyn route is a fully dom route where she seeks to unleash Catherine’s submissive side.

1 New Scene
10k words added.

This build adds a scene that was written with complete disregard to Banshee’s safety and well being. Jeanne gained a new scene with two variants with two variants each. She can be a sub slave or a slut, based on previous choices, and you can choose between lesbian sex or futa for the scene. It’s quite long too, lots of stuff happen!

We also added a new scene with Amelie where Catherine channels her inner Naruto and makes 5 clones of herself, which then proced to fuck Amelie silly. No CG for this one yet though, Banshee is still working on it.

2 new sex scenes.
12k words added.

New Sex Scenes
– Catherine and Jeanne (Lesbian or Futa, Rough, Sub/Dom)
– Catherine and Amelie (Futa, Gangbang) (No CG)

This build adds the CG for Lena’s scene and also adds a new scene with Jeanne, where Catherine finally puts her in her place and fucks her silly! Unfortunatly, I’ve been writing faster than Banshee can draw so the Jeanne scene still has no CG.

This new build adds two new lovey-dovey scenes for the romance routes: one with Eleanor and another with Lena! The CG for the latter is not finished yet, but we thought the sketch turned out pretty nice, so we decide to add the scene anyway for the murder elf fans!

2 new sex scene.
16k words added.

New Sex Scenes
– Catherine and Eleanor (Romance route only) (Lesbian, Double Dildo)
– Catherine and Lena (Romance route only) (Lesbian, Strapon or Futa) (CG is still sketch)

This build adds Catherine’s fateful move to her legion’s camp, signaling the final weeks before they move out on their journey! But of course, you’re all more interested in the lewd stuff, right? Well! This one adds a new scene to the slave Eleanor route! Catherine has her move in with her to become her personal servant and fucktoy. Kinky!

1 new sex scene.
11k words added

New Events
– Visit the legion barracks to inspect the troops and give a rousing speech!
– Show Kyo your new tower.

New Sex Scenes
– Catherine and Kyo (Lesbian, Hand-holding)

Ch. 9 | v.0.9.0.c
2 new sex scenes added
31k words added

New Events
– Many more recruiting companions to Legion. (Pretty much an event for every character in the game)
– Ball with the high society of the Empire.

New Sex Scenes
– Catherine and Briwala, +Jeanne (optional) (Futa on female)
– Catherine and Marius (Vanilla)

– Many changes to the interface of the Home screen.
– New outfits.

Ch. 9 | v.0.8.5
3 new sex scenes added
26k words added

New Events
– Recruiting a new Legion.
– Recruiting companions to Legion.

New Sex Scenes
– Catherine and Labashi (Vanilla)
– Catherine and Mordred (Lesbian)
– Catherine and Sigrid (Futa, Deepthroat)

Ch. 8 | v0.8.3
6 new sex scenes added
52k words added

New Events
– Going out on a date with Amelie.
– A new pseudo bad end for the Scout the Northlands quest.
– Helping Eleanor get over her drinking habit.
– Labashi visiting Catherine to thank her for the help she gave him.
– Yda helps Catherine relax.
– A visit from the Protector of magic, Elara.

New Sex Scenes
– Catherine and Amelie (Vanilla, Foursome, Lesbian)
– Catherine and Orc (Vanilla, Rough, Bondage)
– Catherine and Elanor (Lesbian, 69, Romance/Slave)
– Catherine and Labashi (Pegging/[Vanilla variant coming in the next chapter])
– Catherine and Yda (Lesbian, Threesome, Mind Control)
– Catherine and Elara (Futa, DP)

Ch. 7 | v.0.7.0
3 new sex scenes added
80k words added

New Events
– Watching Eleanor fighting in the arena.
– Taming a slave.
– Meeting with Marius at the tavern.
– Late-night visit to Kyo.
– Quest: Scout the Northlands.

New Sex Scenes:
– Catherine and Jeanne. (Futa or Lesbian, Blowjob/Cunnilings, Rough)
– Catherine and Kyo. (Futa or Lesbian, Blowjob/Cunnilings, Exhibitionism)
– Catherine and Marius. (Vanilla, Rough, Male Domination)

Ch. 6 | v.0.6.0
60 new CG’s added
70k words added

New Events
– Meeting with Eleanor.
– A surprise visit from an unexpected noble. (Marius)
– Promotion at the Traxiaria.
– Visiting Briwala at her new post.
– Hunting down a Vampire.

New Sex Scenes:
– Sigrid and Catherine. (Futa, Rough)
– Catherine and Seralli. (Lesbian, Tentacle)
– Catherine and Victor. (Vanilla)
– Catherine and Eleanor. (2 variants – Bondage, Dom/Sub or Hand-holding)
– New variant for an old sex scene with Eleanor. (Strap-on instead of futa)

How To Install Rise of the White Flower

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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