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School Game Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – You create your character and evolve in a school environement.

Developer: Sloths Command Patreon 
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Android, Linux
Language: English (machine translated), Russian
Genre: Adult, 2D Game, 2DCG, Male Protagonist, Mobile Game, Big Tits, Creampie, Sandbox, RPG, Simulator, Strategy

Description Game

School Game is a game with RPG elements. You create your character and evolve in a school environement. Learn skills, buy equipement, meet classmates, build your reputation and budget, be a member of the student council and various clubs, and improve your relationship with the head of the student council, which you may decide to replace. Isn’t it what everyone wanted in high school, even in student years: complete freedom of action?

Screenshots and Gameplay

School Game Download
School Game Download
School Game Download


So, it’s time for a new update to come out. Naturally, as expected, it has a huge number of different corrections and innovations, including both new content and a little plot. For example, in this update, 10 new hairstyles were added for randomized female NPCs, the club system was significantly redesigned: a new interface, the ability to destroy clubs at school, new items available for purchase, new popularity, a huge reworking of the club system. In addition, again, a plot with Suzuki Matsui, new telephone interactions with randomized NPCs, 8 new nose shapes and eye shapes for female RNPCs, a reduction in the weight of system files, and much, much more, which, of course, is worth mentioning, but it’s better to talk about this in the list of changes below. And now… To the release date of this version for different Patreon roles:


New content:

The storyline with the character “Suzuki Matsui” was continued: new events were made that would tell more details of her life and pressing problems. Additionally, these events have many ramifications that are affected by your choices beforehand.

– For the story character Suzuki Matsui, a new possible interaction has been added to her pool of possible interactions – to train her card skills. With the help of this, both your character and Suzuki Matsui herself will upgrade their skills, which is why the plot will move forward in a more logical manner.

– The sounds of sex were added to the missionary position during its playback in the interface of sexual contact with randomized female NPCs: more than a thousand sounds were selected specifically for this, which will make the scene more realistic and more “replayable”, which is why each new sexual contact with RNPS will be a more enjoyable event than before.

– A new face type has been added for randomized female NPCs: rounder than standard, which will be a nice general addition to the existing face types. This is only available in the RNPC/your character editor.

– New body types have been added for randomized female NPCs, which means the character itself is now more upgradable and has many more different appearance variations, making them more varied and memorable. This is available both in the RNPC/your character editor and in the generation pool, right in your gaming session.

– Now, for randomized NPCs, a height change indicator is available in the RNPC editor based on the prototype of what is available in your character editor.

– Now, if a randomized NPC smokes, his sprite will show this in the same way as it does with randomized male NPCs.

– Added new types of stockings for thicker legs/body types, which corrects some bugs and shortcomings regarding their application. In addition, the methods themselves that determine which stockings will be worn on the RNPC have been changed.

– Now you can pay for a new apartment where your character can live at any difficulty level, but at the same time, on some of them, your character still cannot be kicked out of the apartment.

– When playing as a girl and when interacting with randomized male NPCs, as with the opposite sex, now there are new interactions of their own, rewritten specifically for this gameplay, in these interactions: hugs, kisses, with compliments, with the interaction “lick my ass”, “touch my breasts.”

– A significant refactoring of the systems responsible for generating randomized NPCs was carried out: more initializing functions were added, the generator itself became more functional and flexible, and NPCs began to be generated with much fewer errors than before.

– The system for creating quest characters has been completely changed: it is now standardized into one single type. In addition, now the quest givers are not selected from among the already generated RNPCs, but special RNPCs will be generated for it, which will be separated from the existing game session, which will create much less conditions for errors and shortcomings.

– Now, if a randomized NPC, who is a quest giver, is at a location, he will always be displayed at the very beginning of the list of present RNPCs.

– Significantly improved text display for situations where a randomized NPC is displayed, this system now produces far fewer errors and other display and exception issues.

– New appearance settings for randomized female NPCs have been added to the game in the editor, as well as in the generator itself: thigh settings and calf muscle settings. For each setting, an option was added: one inflated, the other thicker. In addition, there is a third option – standard. This will allow you to create a more diverse RNPC/character in your gaming session.

– More than five new face types have been added that completely change the face shape itself, allowing you to create more diverse characters in a game session. In addition, now all these types of faces are automatically generated on female RNPCs with a certain chance.

– In the RNPC appearance initializer, checks for the existence of RGB code as such have been added to all existing changes that support filters, which will eliminate a certain number of exceptions and make the game more stable.

– A minor refactoring of the code was carried out, which concerns the RNPC generator, as well as the appearance initializer: more checking functions and some other things were added that will create greater stability when initializing the appearance/RNPC generation, as such.

– Removed some rudimentary files regarding the face shape of randomized female NPCs that were previously used but are no longer used.

– During the group dialogue of randomized NPCs with each other, when trying to get into these same dialogues, new possible options for interacting with them have been added.

– The overall weight of the game has been slightly reduced: unnecessary files have been removed, certain files have been compressed.

– Now the game loads much faster on Android devices.

– Now the maximum number of minutes you can spend through the appropriate interaction is 999 minutes, and not 360, as it was before.

– Now, if your character does not have the opportunity to call the character at a given time of day, it is simply hidden in the selection menu.

– A new masturbation option has been added when your male character is masturbating without a phone. The choice itself is provided in the appropriate interaction, and there are, respectively, two of them: masturbation with a phone and masturbation without a phone.

– Now, when the new sexual interaction interface is launched with randomized female NPCs in the Masturbation scene, your character will automatically put the phone away while the scene is playing.

– The choice of difficulty now affects the number of attributes distributed for distribution in your character editor.

– Now the difficulty selection occurs at the very beginning of the game, immediately after adjusting the game performance.

– Your character’s masturbation scene has been refactored, making the feature itself more refined, less massive, and easier to understand in terms of code.

– A minor refactoring of the systems responsible for the start a new game module has been carried out: the system is now more understandable, and the files responsible for this have been grouped appropriately.

– When your character starts masturbating in any of the locations, now you automatically have a choice of how he will do it: with or without clothes.

– A new purchasable item has been added to the online store on your character’s PC – a monk costume.

– The drop conditions for some story events with Azumi Yoshida have been changed.

– A minor refactoring of the systems responsible for assembling the sprites of randomized NPCs has been carried out: now this mechanic creates fewer problems than before, and also works more stable.

– Removed some rudimentary files that were not used by the game but existed.

– Now, if you don’t skip the mini-game that occurs during bench press/push-ups, your character is given three times more power than previously. In addition, the parameter itself has become random.

– Now running on a treadmill/in the park permanently gives stamina for each attempt, and not just on the “last” attempts. In addition, if you try to jog at your last strength, it also gives you stamina, which is why pumping it up will take less time.

– With a full night’s sleep, the limbs are now restored to a greater extent than before. Adequate sleep is guaranteed to completely restore the health of the limbs.

– Now, if your character’s gender is female, you are automatically disabled from choosing the “old sexual contact system” with randomized NPCs due to its unpreparedness for such a scenario.

– Male RNPCs can now completely remove their underwear in the RNPC editor/your character editor, which was not possible before.

– The disclaimer that appeared at the very beginning of the game has been removed.

– New choices have been added to the interaction with the RNPS “Mock” which will make this interaction more interactive than it was before.

– Unnecessary facial settings that literally had no effect on anything were removed when editing female RNPCs.

– When playing as a girl and when interacting with randomized male NPCs, as with the opposite sex, now there are new interactions of their own, rewritten specifically for this gameplay, in these interactions: hugs, kisses.

– When playing as a girl, a new possible interaction with RNPCs of the opposite sex has been added in the aggressive category: touch me.

– Now when adjusting penis size/phimosis/pubic hair, the character you are adjusting will automatically undress in order to see what changes are happening. When you press the “Back” button, he gets dressed again.

– The interaction with the randomized female NPC “grope” was slightly changed.

– A new setting has been added to the RNPC editor for female RNPCs – waist adjustment. In addition, two types of waists were added: with a small belly, and also with just a relatively large waist. In general, there are currently three settings. The clothes were redrawn specifically for this, and a lot of work was done to integrate this into existing systems.

– A significant refactoring of the systems responsible for determining the base body of the arms and sleeves of clothing in the RNPS editor interface was carried out. This makes the system more modifiable and less problematic in many ways.

– A new setting has been added to the RNPC editor for females – setting hand types. In addition, a new type of hands for girls was added especially for her – wider and with a larger muscle frame. Especially for this “set” all the sleeves for different types of clothes were also redrawn so that it all looked correct and correct.

– The second standard daily outfit for female RNPCs has been temporarily removed from the game.

– The overall stability of all modifications that are downloaded using the game servers has been improved: they are now less likely to completely break the game, and are generally downloaded more “correctly” from our servers.

– New sound channels have been added, with which you can make your own sound effects in modifications and create a more realistic environment with this.

– The music playback system in the game has been completely changed: firstly, it has become more modifiable, and secondly, before playing, the list with all the music from the game is shuffled, which will create a more pleasant sound design of the game that will not be repeated after long hours of play.

– A new possible function has been added to the framework for creating modifications – adding your music to the general pool of existing music.

– Two new tracks have been added to the general pool of music played by the game, which will provide more variety to long gaming sessions.

– The functions of two cheats, which were responsible for opening an abandoned factory in the factory, as well as for opening access to the entrance to it, were combined.

– The number of RNPS that are located at the plant has been increased more than three times. Now these locations will not seem as empty as before.

– The “change hair color” function was removed from the beauty salon location due to its uselessness. All the same functions, but working more stably, are available in the barbershop location for two genders.

– A significant refactoring of the code was carried out, which is responsible for determining with whom the RNPC is conducting group activity, because of which bugs associated with triple group activity, quadruple, group activity with oneself or with the “No No” character were completely fixed and more are not found in the game. Activity is now distributed and accounted for more logically and correctly. A lot of duplicate lines have been moved to separate lines, the condition has been improved, and a lot of work has been done to rehabilitate this function in terms of its functionality.

– Game loading times have been improved/calculation performance has been improved every 60 in-game minutes, even at the latest performance level.

– The old blowjob scene with randomized female NPCs was completely cut out of the game: all files and mention of it, which freed up quite a significant amount of game resources, and also reduced its overall weight. Instead, now there is always a new blowjob scene with RNPC.

– A significant refactoring of the code responsible for the body type determinant was carried out: now, firstly, it is more modular and has more opportunities for modernization, and secondly, it experiences much fewer problems with definitions.

– The generation of randomized NPCs has been improved, causing them to cause far fewer errors than before during scenes with them.

– The reconnection system when restarting the game and some other issues has been improved, which is why the game will no longer be colored due to “spam” requests.

– The old doggy style scene with randomized female NPCs was completely cut from the game: all files and mention of it, which freed up quite a significant amount of the game’s resources, and also reduced its overall weight. Instead, now there is always a new scene of doggy style pose with RNPS.

– The entire interface of the old editor of randomized NPCs was completely cut out from beginning to end: all mentions of it, including files.

– Some rudimentary files were removed from the game that were no longer used in the game, but were still present as files in the game. Now the game directory has become cleaner and clearer.

– Now the [Busy] tag next to the name of randomized NPCs appears only in events in which your character can get involved. In other cases, he will not have such a mark, notifying you that normal communication with him is possible.

– The male nose setting was removed from the RNPC/your character editor, which did not change anything in the current state of the game.

– Removed extra tattoos that did not apply to male/female characters. Now they are not displayed in the general pool and cannot be generated accordingly.

– A significant refactoring of the systems responsible for determining what clothing a randomized female NPC is currently wearing has been carried out – now this system works more logically, and there are also much fewer miscalculations in it than before.

– Now, at maximum performance settings, the average number of randomized NPCs is 160, rather than 200.

– Links to SubscriberStar have been added to the game, which are now permanently located in the main menu of the game.

– You can now add an accessory to the “middle” part of a randomized NPC’s body, which will display before his clothing, but after the body is created on the screen.

How To Install Game School Game

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Public cheats (only work starting from version 0.925):

– opens all available CGs with Yuki Oota in the gallery on the player’s PC.
meiko – opens all available CGs from Meiko Tsukasa in the gallery on the player’s PC.
ayano – opens all available CGs with Ayano Yoshida in the gallery on the player’s PC.
suzuki – opens all available CGs with Suzuki Matsui in the gallery on the player’s PC.
hitomi – opens all available CGs with Hitomi Watanabe in the gallery on the player’s PC.
gallery – completely cleans the gallery on the player’s PC from CGs.

money – gives out 10.000 in-game currency when entering.
energy – gives 100 energy.
satiety – gives 100 satiety.

boosty – unlocks 50 percent of new 18+ content. (You can determine whether it is enabled or not by randomized NPCs: if there is a possibility of sex in the category with interactions, everything works as it should.)

School Game Free Download



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