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Special Harem Class [v0.3.1]


Download Special Harem Class Mod Apk + Free PC Windows, Mac, Android

Special Harem Class Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – Hate to break it to you, but you haven’t been accepted in any college your applied for.

Developer: KagetoDev Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.3.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 3dcg, animated, male protagonist, sandbox, big ass, big tits, vaginal sex, oral sex, handjob, masturbation, footjob, group sex, female domination, school setting, mobile game, milf, creampie, voyeurism, teasing, haren

Description Game

Hate to break it to you, but you haven’t been accepted in any college your applied for.
Bummer. But don’t worry!
There’s this special pre-college program you found online, that happens to have only beautiful girls as students!
But wait, the teacher is a pervert!?

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download Special Harem Class 
Download Special Harem Class 
Download Special Harem Class 


Added in this version:

  • Violet & Elizabeth Threesome (lewd)
  • New Gallery Page: Others. All one-off girls scenes should be there. Let me know if I missed any.
  • New Promo Codes and their respective pictures.
  • UI: Reworked how the gallery code works on the backend. Now the gallery thumbnails don’t have border, but I have more freedom with the sizing and it’s easier overall to add more scenes.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed some bugs relating to the gallery.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug that wouldn’t pass the date after having sex with Serenity at night.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug that could possibly lock you into the school after having a threesome (but not in the fun way).
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug that allowed the player to find Aryn in the pool before meeting her in the Park.
  • Fixed some typos.

Additional Fixes:

  • Made the high desire masturbation event trigger less often after the first time. This should help to keep the girls with 100% desire for more time.
  • When the a girl comes to find you in the lockers (excluding the first time), you can ask for “Something Else”. This will enable asking for a threesome right away, instead of having to turn them down and then call them back again.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug that would trigger Rachel’s sex scene instead of her Meeting Scene if you had the conditions to meet her.
  • Fixed some typos.


  • Introduction of threesomes! To unlock them, you need to have max affection with the involved girls, have asked them what they think about the other girls, and have them at max desire. If all conditions are right, there will be a threesome option whenever you call them into the lockers!
  • Amy & Lily Threesome (lewd)
  • Violet & Molly Threesome (lewd)
  • New Promo Codes and their respective pictures.
  • UI: Group scenes now have their own tab in the GIRLS menu.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug that allowed the player to find Aryn in the pool before meeting her in the Park
  • Fixed some typos.


Added in this version:

  • Samantha’s Fast Food Titjob! (lewd). Find her at the Fast Food Restaurant after you’ve gone through all of the Lily’s dates.
  • Samantha’s Clothing Store sex (lewd). Find her at the clothing store once you have her at affection 1.
  • You can now ask the main girls how they feel about each other during the evening break/locker room talk! This will be a requirement to unlock the group scenes in future updates.
  • New location: Shopping Mall! It will unlock automatically once you reach the second week.
  • You can take the main girls to the movies! Go to the shopping mall after you’ve gone on a date with them.
  • Movie Theather Handjob with the main girls (lewd). Go to the movies when they have high desire!
  • New One-Off girl: Serenity! You’ll find her randomly in the Nightclub’s Bar! (requires Charisma 4).
  • Added Promo Codes! Starting with this update, I’m gonna release some codes on itch, discord, twitter and Patreon. Each code will unlock a unique picture for your phone. Bronze Patrons and up get all four in one place!
  • Added a cheatcode that will automatically claim all promo codes, available for Gold Tier patrons and up!
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug that made cheatcodes not work properly in different platforms.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug that might cause a crash or an error displaying the player’s name in one of Claire’s gallery replays.


  • Lily’s Library Sex (lewd). Find her in the library after school with high enough desire!
  • Amy’s Gym Locker Sex (lewd). Find her in the Basketball Court with high enough desire!
  • Alice’s Affection 2 scene. You will be able to talk to her in the Tennis Court after you unlock her first scene.
  • Alice’s Tennis Court Scene (lewd).
  • Aryn’s swimming pool scene (lewd). There’s a chance you’ll find her in the morning or noon in the Swimming Pools. Requires finding her in the park already.
  • New one-off girl: Rachel. There’s a chance you’ll find her when going back to your apartment during the night (after the 3rd in-game week, requires Charisma 4).
  • New location: Apartment Building! The building will unlock automatically when needed.
  • MISC: Rewritten some achievement descriptions to clear up some confusion.
  • MISC: Fixed some typos.
  • MISC: Changed some cheatcodes.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a minor bug that wouldn’t properly show the player’s name in replays


  • Claire’s Beach Voyeur Scene (lewd). Find her at the beach on sundays.
  • Claire’s Shower Voyeur Scene (lewd). Find her at the Sports Center showers.
  • Repeatable sex scenes now have alternate dialogue for the second time you play them.
  • MISC: When replaying a scene with alternate dialogue through the gallery, it will ask if you want to replay the first time version or not.
  • MISC: Made the Autosaves page on the Load screen more clear.
  • MISC: Fixed a lot of small typos.

Added in this version:

  • Alice’s Nightclub Sex Scene (lewd)
  • Molly’s Private Webcam Stream (lewd)
  • Amy’s Fast Food Storage Room Sex (lewd)
  • Bookstore has a new sub-location: Adult Section!
  • New one-off girl, Chika! You can find her in the Bookstore’s Adult Section during school hours.
  • Skinny Dipping Girl Sex Scene (lewd). Keep finding her at the beach at night/midnight!
  • Aryn’s Beach Scene (lewd). Find her at the beach during the evenings! (must have met her first, if she doesn’t show up try replaying her park scene).
  • MISC: Increased the odds of finding the Skinny Dipping Girl at the beach at night/midnight for the first time. It’s also a guaranteed encounter after you’ve met her at least once (starting with this update).
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug where the Content Filter wouldn’t say which unlocked scene was filtered in the gallery.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug where Elizabeth’s Beach Titjob wasn’t passing the time. No more infinite titjobs!

Added in this version:

  • There’s a chance you’ll receive a lewd message if a girl goes to sleep with high desire. (lewd)
  • Elizabeth’s Changing Room Sex (lewd)
  • Violet’s Park Outdoors Assjob (lewd)
  • Elizabeth’s Beach Titjob (lewd)
  • New one-off girl: Isabelle. You can find her in the running field in the afternoon.
  • You can now call for the girls to come into the male locker room.
  • When you refuse to have sex with a girl in the lockers you won’t go immediately to class afterwards.
  • QoL: Changed the font and textbox to increase readability.
  • QoL: Texbox opacity can be changed in SETTINGS.
  • MISC: Changed the visual of settings, save and load UI to align with the current style.
  • MISC: Increased the number of default save pages.
  • MISC: Added the missing achievement for Elizabeth’s Tennis Court scene.
  • MISC: Fixed some typos.


  • Molly’s first date
  • Molly’s second picture (lewd)
  • Molly’s second date
  • Molly’s third picture (lewd)
  • Molly’s date sex scene (only the first 2 parts) (lewd)
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug with the gallery cheatcode that wasn’t truly unlocking unseen scenes.
  • MISC: Compressed still images and some music tracks to decrease file size. Let me know if you can tell the difference.
  • MISC: Fixed minor typos.
  • KNOWN BUG: When loading some saves, depending on what music it was playing, it will load as silent. It should only happen right after loading a save, as soon as another track plays the bug is gone.


  • Amy’s third date
  • Amy’s date sex scene (final part) (lewd)
  • Amy’s beach blowjob (lewd)
  • Added a 11 more of opportunities to take pictures with your phone.
  • QoL: If you go to the lockers in the morning, now there’s an option to wait until it’s noon instead of changing early.
  • QoL: You can now wander around in the beach at midnight too.
  • QoL: Added a hint button in the Map screen during the first week. This is to help guide new players during the game’s prologue.
  • QoL: Added a hint button in the Map screen showing how to unlock the dates. It will appear as soon as you get any girl to affection 4.
  • UI: Slightly changed gallery icons appearence.
  • MISC: Revamped the part of the code that assigns each girl to a location. Let me know if you find any bugs.
  • MISC: Samantha can now be seen on the map when you’re ready to meet her.
  • MISC: Fixed some typos here and there.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug that would wrongly unlock one of Amy’s pictures on your phone if you had high affection with Lily instead of Amy.


  • Amy’s first date
  • Amy’s second picture (lewd)
  • Amy’s second date
  • Amy’s third picture (lewd)
  • Amy’s date sex scene (only the first 2 parts) (lewd)
  • New readings about Lily and Amy available in the Diviner.
  • UI: New title screen!
  • UI: Updated phone menu. You can now navigate by clicking the icons, you can also change the wallpaper, and get to the INFO menu from the phone.
  • UI: text outlines will now remain consistent no matter the resolution you are playing.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug that would crash the game if you opened the GIRLS menu with Violet or Lily at affection 10.
  • MISC: Changed to a more recent version of Ren’Py. This should hopefully solve some compatibility problems with Android 11 devices.


  • Lily’s first date
  • Lily’s second picture (lewd)
  • Lily’s second date
  • Lily’s third picture (lewd)
  • Lily’s date sex scene (only the first 2 parts) (lewd)
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn’t display Violet’s sprites properly if you failed a date
  • Added a new cheatcode that allows rollback on dates.


  • Implemented the Dating System!
  • Violet’s first date
  • Violet’s second picture (lewd)
  • Violet’s second date
  • Violet’s third picture (lewd)
  • Violet’s third date
  • Violet’s date sex scene (3 parts) (lewd)
  • Violet’s library handjob (lewd) (unlocks after affection 9)
  • Claire will help you with finding date locations. Talk to her in her Office once you get any girl to affection 4.
  • Added new readings about Violet for the Diviner.
  • Added some new sound effects in some scenes.
  • Added a new cheatcode that will show how much choices increase/decrease the date score.
  • Added a new cheatcode that will unlock all achievements.
  • Fixed a bug with the gallery cheatcode (it wasn’t unlocking recent stuff). Also changed its logic to allow you to turn off this cheat.
  • Changed some Patreon cheatcodes.
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn’t register that you’ve given the last picture to Claire if you chose to have sex with her.

Added in this version:

  • Elizabeth library scene
  • Elizabeth clothing store scene
  • Elizabeth beach scene
  • Elizabeth first picture (lewd)
  • Added the ability to take pictures of the girls in certain occasions.
  • New PHONE menu. It houses the Phone Gallery. Other options will be moved to the phone in the future.
  • You can now report the fourth and fifth picture that was sent to you to Claire
  • Claire office scene (4/5)
  • Claire office scene (5/5) (lewd)
  • Claire conclusion scene
  • Reworked some early Claire dialogue to align more closely with her newer scenes.
  • The Diviner now can also give readings to all the Girls.
  • Added a new Charisma Encounter at the Park.
  • Some Patreon cheatcodes that lasted until the end of the day will now last until the end of the week.
  • Fixed a bug that could crash the game if you went to change your name but left it blank.
  • Changed Elizabeth’s school panties to a brigher color, to make panty-shots more interesting.
  • Changed Amy’s work panties to a different color.

Molly’s first encounters
Charisma system

Violet Park scene
Violet Maid Cafe scene
Violet Bookstore scene
Violet first picture (lewd)

While not all of them are implemented in this early versions of the game,
I currently have over 150+ static images and 90+ animated images.
The game has 5 girls you can get close to, plus Claire.
Getting close to them will take you to the main story, but there’s also side girls and one-off encounters either planned or already implemented.
This first versions will focus on the introduction of each girl, and the first encounters before your first date.
However, there’s already lewd scenes implemented with Claire and the one-off girls to keep you guys busy.

How To Install Game Special Harem Class

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Special Harem Class Free Download



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